What is going on?

Not on holiday, just busy doing the work!

What is going on with the ReCrew project partnership? We have been working intensively over the last few months on the implementation of the WP2 (Work Package n2).

But … What does the project’s WP2 provide for?

  • WP2 will undertake a very targeted research activity, both on transnational and multi-sectoral basis, to understand the state of the art, needs, obstacles and expectations of small businesses to effectively propose themselves to the labour supply. Such a report will enable a very special understanding of the labor market developments;
  • WP2 will deliver a clear understanding of the small businesses’ actual capacity to deal with recruiting in all its phases (identification of the internal HR needs; processes, tools and know-how to carry out any recruiting activity; Employer Branding strategies; social responsibility; etc.). The research will also focus on how the small businesses’ approach changed during the pandemic and future trends: the investigation will allow the partners to deliver a very targeted training curriculum (WP3) for the CEOs/owners of the small businesses so that they can better approach the new labour market challenges.

The WP2 activities are aimed at ensuring the full understanding of the current state of small businesses, with a focus on their ability to approach recruiting.

The Work Package will be coordinated by ISSBS and all partners will actively contribute to desk research activities, small business surveys and consultations with the relevant stakeholders (business associations, recruitment agencies, etc.).

Over the past few weeks, thanks to the guidelines and material provided by our task coordinator, our partnership has gathered a lot of data and feedback that will be soon made into a report for all to read!

Of course, the lessons learnt in this investigation phase will help the project to set up an ad hoc training programme to meet the needs of small businesses.

What is going on with the surveys? The investigation has currently produced two surveys:

  1. Collection of feedback and opinions from HR experts
  2. Collection of feedback and opinions from managers/owners of small enterprises

What is going on with the outcome? A large number of responses and valuable contributions were received by the whole partnership.

We will soon be able to share the results of our research with all of you …

In the meantime, keep following us.