RE-CREW! The need and Project results

The need.

The RE-CREW project was created and is being implemented by 6 organisations, from 6 different European countries, as the pandemic and other issues made it even more challenging for many business leaders to find the people, they need to run a successful SME.

The pandemic, apart from imposing a new approach to work, has accentuated some typical limits of small organizations, such as the lack of structured HR policies, especially when it comes to hiring new employees. Low visibility combined with the lack of necessary recruiting skills, made SMEs uncompetitive and unattractive compared to big companies.

RE-CREW aims to address the above by offering an innovative set of digital tools to enable the small businesses to re-organise themselves, effectively meet the new labor market challenges and grow in a sustainable way.

Project results.

RE-CREW project will deliver innovative and research-driven, field-tested and fully reusable digital tools, for the benefit of EU small businesses, to the wide audience of key players operating in support of them and to VET trainers.

The partnership in order to accomplish the aim of the project, will create the following project results:

  1. Guidebook for Recruiting in Small Businesses: Analysis of The Needs, Barriers, and Opportunities.

The Guidebook will address issues that are crucial for the development and growth of small businesses, such as:

  • how do they approach recruiting?
  • how satisfactory are their recruiting efforts?
  • how do they deal with talent management?
  • do they use any Employer Value Proposition strategy?
  • do they understand the target audience’s needs?
  • do they have any social responsibility policy?
  • how do they approach health and wellbeing at the workplace?
  • are they ready to deal with innovative approaches, tools, and employers’ branding solutions?


  1. RE-CREW Online Platform.

An innovative training platform targeting CEOs and owners of European small businesses. The training program will consist of the following 4 modules:

  • 1: Setting up the hiring process.
  • 2: Health and Wellbeing at workplace.
  • 3: Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • 4: Creating the DNA of the company.


  1. Digital Assessment Tool (DAT).

The DAT will be structured in separated but complementary assessment areas and will explore:

  • availability and effectiveness of any HR management strategies,
  • how small businesses plan any hiring process,
  • effectiveness of hiring procedures,
  • quality of any Employer Value Proposition and Branding strategy,
  • satisfaction with any previous hiring processes undertaken by the employer,
  • availability and quality of any social responsibility policy within the company, and
  • company’s approach to any health and wellbeing strategy at the workplace.

The DAT will target:

  • small businesses, so that they can self-assess their readiness to undertake any effective and performing recruiting, and
  • specialized advisors, mentors, and business support organizations, in order for them to integrate such an innovative diagnosis into their portfolio and follow up with consultancy and / or training.


  1. Open Guide for VET Trainers.

The innovative Open Guide for VET Trainers, will be a comprehensive manual for designing, developing and delivering effective and engaging training for the European small businesses in order for them to easily, effectively and successfully undertake any recruitment process, by:

  • overcoming obstacles,
  • preventing mistakes,
  • transmitting their values and
  • managing organizational aspects in the best possible way.

Stay tuned for more information about our project!