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Our International online event “Human Resource Management Challenges in SMEs».

The international online event titled «Human Resource Management Challenges in SMEs» was successfully conducted by the partnership of RE-CREW project actively participating. The event was organized as part of the RE-CREW project and brought together project partners and representatives from various organizations.

It attracted a total of 128 online participants from over 17 countries, along with several attendees who joined in person.

The international online event

The event, held on May 18, 2023, focused on addressing the challenges faced by SMEs in human resource management within the context of the RE-CREW project. During the webinar session, presenters discussed the opportunities and obstacles that SMEs encounter due to demographic, social, and economic factors. The primary topics of discussion included innovative methods in human resources management, best practices for remote work, and recruitment strategies.

Nada Trunk Širca, representing the International School for Social and Business Studies in Slovenia, served as the chair and moderator of the event.

The presenters included:

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For those interested, the video of the international online event can be found here!

More information about the RE-CREW project will be shared! Stay tuned for our updates!