RE-CREW! Everything you need to know

The project.

RE-CREW is an Erasmus+ project that lasts 24 months. The project began in September 2022 and will end in August 2024. The project was created as the pandemic and other issues made it even more challenging for many business leaders to find the people, they need to run a successful small business.

The pandemic, apart from imposing a new approach to work, has accentuated some typical limits of small organizations, such as the lack of structured HR policies, especially when it comes to hiring new employees.

Low visibility – due to poor or non-existent employer branding strategies – combined with the lack of necessary recruiting skills (analysis of human resource needs, organization of recruitment processes, personnel management policies that do not seem adequate, etc.) made small businesses uncompetitive and unattractive compared to big companies.

RE-CREW aims to address the above by offering an innovative set of digital tools to enable the small businesses to re-organise themselves, effectively meet the new labor market challenges and grow in a sustainable way.


The partnership consists of 6 organisations from Denmark, Greece, Italy, Spain, Norway, and Slovenia, which are the following:

Project objectives.

The main objectives of our project are the following:

  • Understanding the current state of European small businesses, with clear a focus on their ability to execute.
  • Recruiting / hiring in the pandemic era and in the post-pandemic perspective.
  • Creating an innovative training curriculum for the EU small businesses to deal with a number of challenges such as inexperience, size, lack of knowledge of existing recruiting techniques and platforms, lack of resources, lack of organizational processes, lack of branding etc. and effectively carry out recruitment and hiring.
  • Facilitating the continuous assessment of the European small businesses’ readiness to successfully perform any recruiting and hiring process.
  • Providing the European VET providers, mentors, coaches, etc. with the necessary information and support to integrate to adopt the project results.

Project results.

RE-CREW project will deliver innovative and research-driven, field-tested and fully reusable digital tools for the benefit of EU small businesses, to the wide audience of key players operating in support of them and to VET trainers.

The partnership in order to accomplish the above objectives, will create the following project results:

  1. Guidebook for Recruiting in Small Businesses: Analysis of The Needs, Barriers, and Opportunities.
  2. RE-CREW Online Platform.
  3. Digital Assessment Tool (DAT).
  4. Open Guide for VET Trainers.


Stay tuned for more information about our project!