Potenza, Italy

The Last Transnational Meeting in Potenza,Italy

We are thrilled to announce that the RE-CREW project partnership recently met in Potenza, Italy, for the final transnational meeting of our groundbreaking project. Hosted by EXEO Lab, this pivotal event saw the enthusiastic participation of representatives from all six project partners. The RE-CREW project is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs, CEOs, and HR professionals, providing crucial support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in overcoming daily challenges related to talent acquisition and recruitment.

During this Last Transnational Project Meeting, our partners put the last details on the project results, following a highly successful pilot phase. We are excited to share that these results are now accessible on our project website in multiple languages: English, Greek, Danish, Norwegian, Spanish, Slovenian, and Italian.

Explore our project website to discover:

A key highlight of the meeting was the in-depth discussion on the dissemination and promotion of the project’s results. p-consulting.gr, responsible for project promotion, delivered a compelling presentation, while We Are Entrepreneurs outlined the strategic exploitation plan for our project deliverables.

We are also excited to announce that the planning for our Multiplier Events is already underway. While one of them have already taken place with the partners’ [participation. These events will engage over 300 participants across all project partner countries, amplifying the impact of the RE-CREW project.

Check out some of the vibrant highlights from our meeting in Potenza below!

Potenza, Italy

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue this incredible journey!