The innovative framework for the European small businesses to perform recruiting, get ready to market and express their full potential!


The project aims to:

  • understand the current state of European small businesses and their ability to execute recruiting / hiring
  • support EU small businesses through training in the best recruiting techniques and platforms, human resource managements, organisational processes, employer branding etc.
  • facilitate the continuous assessment of the European small businesses’ readiness, to successfully perform any recruiting and hiring process.
  • provide the European VET providers, mentors, coaches, etc. with the necessary information and support to integrate to adopt the project results.


Expected results during the project and on its completion are:

  • RESEARCH: full understanding of the small businesses’ capacity to deal with recruiting and hiring in all its phases (identification of the internal HR needs processes, tools and know-how to carry out any recruiting activity  Employer Branding strategies  social responsibility).
  • TRAINING MATERIAL: delivery of the innovative RE-CREW training curriculum, field-tested and validated with the support of the relevant key players.
  • DAT: web-based instrument to check the effectiveness of any HR management strategies, quality of recruiting processes, effectiveness of hiring procedures, quality of any Employer Value Proposition and Branding strategies, satisfaction with any previous hiring processes undertaken by the employers, availability and quality of any social responsibility policy within the companies, companies’ approach to any health and wellbeing strategy at the workplace.
  • VET GUIDE: European VET providers, mentors, coaches, etc. well prepared and ready to easily integrate the RE-CREW training curriculum within their training offerings.

to whom?

The project identifies the following direct target groups:

  • European small businesses, qualified as SMEs.
  • VET Providers.
  • Consulting firms and business support organizations(inside and outside of the consortium).




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