Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity in Slovenia

The RE-CREW project, which started in September 2022 and will end in August 2024, is aimed at actively supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in tackling new labor market challenges and in recruiting and retaining the right employees for their business success.

The Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity took place from 14/11 to 16/11/2023 in the beautiful coastal town of Piran, Slovenia. Representatives from the partnership partners enthusiastically participated in the event.

During the Activity, several exciting workshops were conducted, covering a range of topics:

– “Setting up the recruitment process” by the experts at EXEO Lab

– “Health and well-being in the workplace” by the renowned ISSBS

– “Corporate Social Responsibility” by the esteemed

– “Creating company DNA” by the innovative minds at We Are Entrepreneurs

These workshops were not only informative but also highly interactive, ensuring that participants were fully engaged and involved!

In addition, on 15/11/2023, the participants had the opportunity to visit the charming city of Koper and explore the M-Aleja Institute of Education and Research. Dr. Alenka Malej, a leading expert, guided the study visit, emphasizing the significance of digital knowledge in today’s business landscape, especially for SMEs. The participants even got to experience the effectiveness of the LEGO training program through a fun exercise.

The Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity concluded on 16/11/2023 with great enthusiasm. The event featured the unveiling of the first drafts of the platform and the Digital Assessment Tool. Partners shared their valuable insights, set ambitious future goals, and discussed the next steps. The development of these tools is progressing rapidly, promising exciting advancements!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to empower SMEs and drive their success!