let's support small European businesses

let's make them
attract nurture develop the right talent

the need

Small businesses face a myriad of daily challenges, from the size of the company, to the lack of resources, and very few of these challenges are as unavoidable and difficult to overcome as finding the right employees

the solution

RE-CREW will deliver innovative and research-driven, field-tested, and fully reusable tools, for the benefit of EU small businesses and a wide audience of key players operating in support of them

the innovation

RE-CREW project is full of innovation in offering a vast variety of tools for the SME’s that need some support on the daily challenges

The most of the European small businesses see recruiting and hiring as complex and tedious activities, especially when they have to compete with big names.

In addition, the pandemic made everything much more complicated and imposed a difficult switch to the digital perspective: many small employers did not approach such a challenge effectively yet and this translates into poor performance of both recruiting and hiring.

Finally, even if many small businesses are in a position to grow and successfully hire people, they still consider recruiting and hiring non-priority issues compared to the business development (such as service / products development and delivery, customer acquisition and market share, development of new connections, etc.).

Therefore, the project will provide the small businesses, key players in the EU, with innovative and ready to market skills and tools to ensure their growth.

Τhis will complement the efforts of the European and National institutions in charge of employment policies, which is crucial
in a phase in which the new EU programming period 2021/2027 is almost ready to start.

For developing their recruiting, hiring and HR skills. On the other hand VET providers, coaches and more will be able to benefit from the ‘OPEN GUIDE FOR VET TRAINERS’ and this will enable a wide spread of the training. Finally, stakeholders from the relevant fields will be able to benefit from the results of the Research Report on “Small businesses’ actual capacity to deal with recruiting and related future trends” and this will facilitate decision making and policy development.

the team