open guide for VET trainers

The innovative OPEN GUIDE for VET Trainers, a comprehensive manual for designing, developing and delivering effective and engaging training for the European small businesses in order for them to easily, effectively and successfully undertake any recruitment process, by:

  • overcoming obstacles,
  • preventing mistakes,
  • transmitting their values and
  • managing organizational aspects in the best possible way.

Main target groups will be the European VET trainers, mentors and coaches.

The Open Guide will:

  • deliver general knowledge on the use of active training methods by explaining concepts, principles, and recommended techniques;
  • describe how to use active training methods to increase retention, build understanding, and improve skills;
  • explain the use of creative instructional, strategies on digital platforms (e-learning platform and DAT) by suggesting practical tips for trainers and instructors;
  • offer examples of active training methods applied;
  • illustrate how to adapt active training techniques to our training Curriculum;
  • provide a depository of active training resources to be used regardless of the course content

coming soon